We know you are excited to move to Norman, go through sorority recruitment, and start classes at OU – and we think you have every reason to be!  August is a great time on campus.  With the date of the first home football game set, all that’s left is to join the best group of lifelong friends and begin your tradition of cheering on the Sooners.

Alpha Chi Omega is about a fantastic college experience and about continuing friendships with your sisters in every stage of your life.  If you are off to find your next big adventure, Alpha Chi is there to cheer you on and lift you up – together we really do Seek the Heights!

Why Alpha Chi? – Well here are just some of the answers we hear:

  • “Because I’m absolutely so lucky to live the Alpha Chi Life! Even when I go back home on break…high school friends who chose  OSU, A&M, Texas Tech, SMU, Baylor, TCU, Arkansas, KU, even Texas are now my Alpha Chi sisters; when we return home we all get to throw what we know!”
  • “Whatever activity I choose to be involved in on campus from PLC to Pom I get great support and encouragement from my Alpha Chi sisters.”
  • “I wanted friendships for a lifetime that could be goofy and serious. I found that in Alpha Chi.  I like laughing together in the upstairs TV lounge and giving back to the community by working together to stop domestic violence.”
  • “Honestly, one day it is  “go for a 5 mile run” while the next it is a “marathon shopping run” – either way its more fun to run with my Alpha Chi sisters!”
  • “I love Real Strong traditions – that’s why I picked OU and Alpha Chi. When I learned that Alpha Chi has been on campus, every single day since 1916  as an active  part of the OU tradition – I knew this is where I wanted to be.”

We look forward to meeting you in August and wish you all the best for a great recruitment experience.



Recommend a Member

To our alumnae, we always appreciate any information on potential new members.  If possible, please use the electronic recommendation form found on Alpha Chi Omega’s website! 

Select “Recommend a Member” under the RESOURCE CENTER section of the web site.

If it is not possible to recommend a potential new member using the electronic form, please feel free to email our recruitment information team at or submit a hard copy of your information to us at 1115 College, Norman, OK   73072.

Should you need any assistance, please contact our VP of Recruitment Information at